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Why Sideio Impetus


Navigating in the complex business envoirnment and maintaining the competitive advantage is a constant challenge. An advisory of multi-dimensional capabilities across Strategy, People, Process, Technology, Sales and Marketing can help you sustain and increase growth. Our Business Success Management™ Framework helps you with this


Actionable advice for startups to help them build future proof technology architecture, cost effective project and program management, Risk Advisory service, Go-To-Market Strategies and investment help the startup leaders to achieve nX results. Our Startup accelerator service helps you with the advisory

Risk Advisory Service

Every business has some risks and uncertainties for the future and mitigating that is a science which needs hands on data enabled actionable insight for effective decision making and mitigation strategies. Not making the risk mitigation a complex, people heavy operations is an art we have mastered with our domain experts


Upskilling a an enabled service which require a market driven, future proofed, learning and insightful performance management that we provide with our Sanjeevani Program. Get the right skills Fastrack your career growth with practical hands-on case studies and guidance.



Our USP is the leadership team which comes from different operational domains like FMCG, Retail, Business Intelligence, Process Optimization, HR Services, Sales Team Performance Management, Digital Strategy Development, and others, which in turn enable organisations to get all aspects of operations covered under one roof. Our Leadership team boasts of rich multinational and hands on field experience with companies like Reliance fresh, Bisleri Packaged water, Cadbury India, Baker Hughes, HSBC, Ernst & Young and others


Revenue Cycle Management

Eligibility confirmation with greater accuracy helps streamline claims submission and reimbursements on health plans. It’s also critical data for patients, who increasingly face greater financial responsibility for their care through high insurance deductibles.

Agents were manually logging into healthcare providers portal to check patient eligibility and benefits for upcoming appointments
Update portal notes with necessary information
Agents had to be familiar with more than 120 provider portals, which changes routinely

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The client, a HVAC contractor in Kerala did not have a project management framework and was a people driven processing resulting negatively in project delivery and costing. It was also limiting the organizations capability to take larger projects

All projects updates were managed over phone with no traceability of activities
Decision making was converged to the owner impacting project performance
No post project analysis for future learning
All project interaction was centralized to the owner

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The client a premier hospital in Kerala the finance team method of processing (quote to cash) was extremely manual and time consuming

Finance controller does not have full visibility over the processes of the team.Most updates are manual in nature and reactive.
Due to manual process many of the payments are not visible until the vendor calls for update
Lack of visibility in payments impacting overall cashflow of the organization

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